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Magnesia Cultured Cell and Tissue Total RNA Extraction Kit

610 Cultured Cell and Tissue Total RNA Extraction Kit


Magnesia®Total RNA Cultured Cells Kit is specially designed for total RNA extraction from up to 1x106 cultured cells by using Magnesia® instrument. Additional high quality RNase-free DNAse is supplied for your option for the recovery of pure RNA without DNA contaminatns. Kit contains all the reagents and other necessary components for final RNA isolate with a purity of 1.9 to 2.2 in terms of A260/280 ratio. 




Magnesia®Total RNA Cultured Cells Kit is based on magnetic extraction method using the cellulose coated magnetic beads. High quality DNA-free total RNA can be easily obtained in high purity within a short time by simply introducing the cartridge, choosing the required protocol and starting the Magnesia®16 System.



For general laboratory use. Magnetic-particle technology is used to purify the DNA-free total RNA from cultured cells. The purified high quality DNA-free total RNA can be directly used for downstream application such as qRT-PCR, NGS analysis and microarray target preparation. 



Cartridge Design


Magnesia®reagent cartridges come pre-sealed incorporating all the reagents needed for purification processes. No additional reagents are needed and no handling is necessary beyond placing the cartridges inside the instrument. Pre-filled and sealed buffer cartridge plus automated piercing step whole eliminate possible contaminations or buffer spouts.

Patented Heating Well and Separation Well located in the cartridge may provide strong circulation- force for Binding/Washing steps and thus give high purity within final elutant.

Each cartridge has 14 positions available with 10 sealed wells and two optional heating positions. Special program code designs required protocols.  Magnesia reagent cartridge has its own program code depending on the application.