Anatolia Quality Approach

While We Follow the Right Path,

The primacy given to continuous development and improvement is the basis of our quality.

Every one, our colleagues or our distributors, working for Anatolia Geneworks are subject to effective training, operates to perpetuate our quality objectives and accepts this as an integral part of the routine business. 

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 standards, Conformity to Invitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulations and CE sign, are obligatory documents and utmost valuable papers. Anatolia Geneworks is privileged not only having these certificates but deserving them.

For Anatolia Geneworks these certificates are not framed papers for decoration, but promises and liabilities that must be fulfilled and the backbone shaping our work.

As an R&D company the training, personality, energy, discipline and problem solving inovative approaches of all our colleagues are more important than any kind of certificates and our most important quality assurance.