World Hemophilia Day, April 17

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World Hemophilia Day, April 17

Today is World Hemophilia Day, April 17. Since 1989, patient groups worldwide have annually marked 17 April as World Hemophilia Day to raise awareness and understanding of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. April 17th was chosen in honor of Frank Schnabel, the founder of World Federation of Hemophilia (WHF) and who was born on that day.


There are many genetic disorders affecting various systems in human body, predominantly the systemic ones. Laboratory testing acts as a key element in diagnosing genetic disorders and in carrier testing. Recent developments, such as Real-Time PCR, in molecular genetics have enabled quick and precise testing of many diseases and have made it possible these anomalies to be defined at the molecular level for a higher chance of treatment.


The production of proteins in the coagulation system is controlled by different genes on the chromosomes. Coagulation disorders caused by the deficiency or disfunction of the Factor VIII or Factor IX are called “hemophilia”.




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